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This week we have been running a series on our social media accounts providing you with some top tips on selling your property. As it’s the end of the week, it’s time to recap, and give you a bit more information for you to make that all important sale!
1) First impressions count
Many psychologists say people form their first impression of people within the first ten seconds, and property is exactly the same. Buyers need to be able to visualise themselves living in the property, and even in a market where homes are selling fast, it is still crucial to spruce up your home. Additionally, ensure that any noticeable repairs are addressed - nobody likes a leaky tap!

2) Make the most of outdoor space
Having an outdoor space is a luxury, so make sure you make the most of it! Pay attention to where the light falls and consider setting up a small table and chairs to extend the living area of the property.
3) Work on your curb appeal
When potential buyers approach your property, they should feel it is inviting. Ensure they have a positive experience by regularly mowing the lawn if you have one, cleaning the front door and windows, and laying a new door mat.
4) Get the smell right
Many people associate a particular scent with a memory, and smell can be the first warning of safety or danger. Ensure your property not only looks great, but also smells inviting - empty all the bins, air out the property and invest in some complimentary scented reed diffusers.
5) Choose the right estate agent
When you make the decision to sell your property, ensure you are listing it with a reputable estate agent. One way to verify this is to look at All Agents, a review website where people who have previously sold a property discuss their experience. Indago have a 5* rating, with 100% fee satisfaction and recommendations! Have a look at what people are saying here:
6) Spring clean
Moving house is a great opportunity to have a de-clutter, but to improve your chances of a quick sale, do it before you list! That way you can make the most of the space in your property, and get in for a proper clean!
7) Keep it neutral
Everyone loves to put their personal touches on a property, and this includes painting the walls different colours or putting up snazzy wallpaper. However, potential buyers may not share the same tastes as you, so before putting your property on the market, consider redecorating in a neutral palette of colours. By doing this you will assist buyers in considering how they would live in the property, and not being concerned if their furniture would suit the decor - small things, but they matter!
8) Make sure your property is listed for the right amount
Before your property is listed, ensure you get it properly valued by a trusted estate agent, and then compare it to similar properties in the local area to ensure you’re competitive. Indago have a great valuation tool on the home page - you fill in all the information, and we work out an accurate valuation and get in touch!
9) Rethink your lighting
Poor lighting can kill a properties ambiance, look at yours with an objective eye, consider using lamps for a gentle glow instead of a main central light, and replace any bright white light bulbs with a warm white for a friendly feel.
10) Listen to your agent
It’s your estate agents job to sell your property, and it’s in their interests to do a good job! If they make any recommendations on how you could present your property better, listen to them, and consider what they are saying!
We hope these tips help you sell your property, if you’re interested in listing your property with us, give us a call on 0207 253 7488 to get the ball rolling!

Top Tips for Selling Your Property

by Briony Crew



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